Change Hosts

Migrating from an older versions


Change Hosts was created a few years ago inside a company in Brazil. The previous versions were not public thus they will not be discussed here. We going to cover only upgrades from version 3.

From version 3

Until version 3, Change Hosts used to use a internal database to store all Hosts, once called 'Definitions'. This approach works well when you have to manage few files but with more and more Hosts to manage it became very unefficient.

From version 4, Change Hosts started to use regular files and folders to store definitions. This way it's easier to manage the files from Change Hosts or using a file manager you like. This is the main difference between version 3 and 4.

On the first run, Change Hosts will ask you form a folder to the the root of your files.

Select, preferable, an empty folder and click on 'Migrate',

If you want to migrate later, just click on 'I want to migrate later' and this window will open again;

Click on 'I don't want to migrate' if you want a new setup.

Older features

Older versions of Change Hosts used to bring DNS Flusher embedded. From version 4.0 on, you need to install DNS Flusher separately.
Please, visit the DNS Flusher page to install it.


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